WaspLabeler +2D Licenses V7

WaspLabeler +2D Licenses V7

WaspLabeler +2D makes it easy to design and print barcode labels for your business. Getting started with WaspLabeler +2D is simple – select from
more than 100 pre-designed label templates, build a custom label, or start from scratch on your own design. Then add data to your labels manually
or by connecting to an external data source, including Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft Access®, and QuickBooks®. When your label is finished, simply
print to any networked Windows® printer.


A Mobile Billing System for Your E-Commerce Businesses

Addiserp provided that effective mobile payment system for your e-commerce business. Be there before your competitors, reduce costs and gain a huge advantage in your market. The smartphone has already replaced the clock, the music player and other inventions. Now it replaces cash!

A wide range of products and services around the world already offers convenient, simple to use Mobile Billing Systems. International brands such as Amazon, PayPal, Apple and Facebook are the leading examples for smart using of a mobile billing system. 



Web design and development

We focus on customer satisfaction by optimizing your after-sales service

 Web designers help transform your brand into a visual story. We turn your website into an effective way to engage with your audience ... 

Integrated user experience and interface

Strong website development provides opportunities for users to gain useful information, understand what you have to offer, build a relationship with your company, and follow the buyer’s journey to a decision – without a hitch.


After Sales Support

We focus on customer satisfaction by optimizing your after-sales service

After-sales service is an essential element of our customers’ satisfaction : they expect our SME and our teams to be as quick as possible in taking into account their maintenance request, and to be very efficient in following up and carrying out interventions, whether they are preventive or corrective.


Antivirus sales

Cybersecurity that’s always a step ahead

Feel truly safe online with AI-driven protection against hackers and the latest viruses, ransomware and spyware.